Land update

(Sist oppdatert: 25.09.2015)

 After numerous meetings with key decision makers - incl. HE Mahama - Lands Commission has confirmed in writing that "Norpalm has the rights to use the subject land for your plantations pending the renewal of the leases and title deeds". At the same time, the divisional chiefs in Norpalm's catchment area have acknowledged the confirmation from Lands Commission through a signed Memorandum of Understanding. Both the letter from Lands as well as the MoU are significant achievements in the ongoing process of securing formal rights to Norpalm lands. The Land Valuation Board will in its October sitting consider and validate the valuation done by the Regional Surveyor in the Western Region, paving the way for payment of premium/compensation to land owners. To facilitate and assit in this process, Norpalm AS has signed a consultancy contract with Africa Matters Ltd. in London.

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